Celebrate 61, love childishness

The sunshine of June is brilliant.
That is the yearning of the children.
The land of June is especially beautiful.
Because of the cheerful laughter of the children.
In such a beautiful season
To celebrate this special day


The children are happy with their holiday souvenirs from the company.



The children stopped to take a group photo in front of the first floor hall of the office building.
The children of their employees are happy to meet each other and come to Guoliang company to celebrate their "June 1 children's Day" and feel happy and upward working environment with their parents.


Playing in the company garden, the children are excited and curious.


Holding a souvenir from the company - books, children can't help but look at it.

"Youth is stronger than national strength". The extreme of education is the influence of words and deeds. The stable development of the company is inseparable from the family harmony of the vast number of employees as a dynamic support. Therefore, while continually realizing the profit to create wealth, Guoliang never forget to repay the society and employees, so that employees and enterprises together to grow rapidly, so that employees feel family-like warmth in the enterprise.
Although the festival is not rich and colorful, but the children in a simple and quiet atmosphere, opened up with parents to experience the development of enterprises and change, a new dream of responsibility!

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